Metal Sheet Nr. 3

Metal Sheet Nr. 3 is an instrument that I have built during his Fulbright-Masaryk Scholarship in 2015-16 at the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies, UC Berkeley. The metal Sheet Nr. 3 in the A4 format is the smallest sheet of my serie. Its sheet body is fixed to a small transducer. Metal Sheet Nr. 3 is resonated by its resonating frequencies that are generated using sinusoidal oscillators in the Max/MSP environment. Each frequency can be controlled by using an iPad controller, or using an algorithm such as the Bessel function.

Software Credits: Jeff Lubow, CNMAT, UC Berkeley

Metal Sheet Nr. 3 Promotion Video

Performance on the Waddell Beach

KALX SHOW: Performance & Interview with Sida

studio performance and interview with Jan Trojan & Eva Nachmilnerova , KALX Berkeley 90.7 FM ... 11.11.2015 Jan Trojan - plech Eva Nachmilnerova - violin

Pictures of the Metal Sheet Nr. 3

Metal Sheet Cutting Plan

iPad Mira UI Interface

iPad Mira UI Interface