Resonances [remix]

BERG Orchestra & 420PEOPLE :: 2013

conductor: Peter Vrábel, music: Jan Trojan, choreography: Nataša Novotná

NEW STAGE - National Theatre Prague



Jsou věci, které nevíš
ǀ There are things You don't know

fret. guitar Ivan Boreš, fl. Alena Fryščáková, acc. Josef Hřebík, kalimba - l-el. Jan Trojan :: 2010


Večeře na konci světa
ǀ Dinner at the End of the World

strings, accordion, kalimba :: 2011
BERG Orchestra, cond. Peter Vrábel

BERG Orchestra link

The inspiration for this composition was a pilgrimage along the Camino Francés to Santiago de Compostella, which I undertook in autumn 2010. The composition reflects my experience from Cape Fisterra, a region also called The World’s End (finis terrrae) in west Galicia in Spain. This experience, in the context of many personal events, was in some ways the climax of the whole journey. The request from the Berg Orchestra came, coincidentally, a week before my Fisterra experience. I was refreshing myself at the Burbia river in Villafranca del Bierzo. At that moment, the mobile phone was to me a very distant thing! [Surely the Lord is in this place, and I knew it not.] [Gen 28:16]


Staré fotografie
ǀ Old photos

Pátá | the Fifth

orchestra & tape :: 2009
SOČR, cond. Jan Krejčík

OLD PHOTOS for symphony orchestra the Fifth movement con. Jan Krejčík The Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra premiere 20. 6. 2009 The Rudolfinum Prague









ULTREIA: El diario del peregrino / Deník poutníka
ǀ Pilgrim's Diary

sound composition :: 2011
producer Michal Rataj

Czech Radio 3, Radiocustica link



ǀ The Pearl

electroacoustic composition :: 2006
producer Michal Rataj

Czech Radio 3, Radiocustica link









listen a part from performance for accordion & live-electronics, 2011

Jan Trojan & Jiří Lukeš, choreography: Helena Šťávová


~hrajeM NEhrajou

listen a part from performance for guitar & live-electronics, 2011

Jan Trojan & Ivan Boreš

a part from the performance "~hrajeM NEhrajou" for writing machine microtonal guitar & live-electronic guitar: Ivan Bores writing machine, live-electronic: Jan Trojan